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Commercial Trucking Accidents
West Virginia may be a state small in total population but we have a large number of commercial vehicles traveling upon our roadways. Charleston serves as an interstate hub for semi tractor-trailers traveling the east-west corridor of I-64 and those commercial trucks traveling north-south along Interstates 77 and 79. Additionally, the secondary roads of southern West Virginia are heavily traveled by coal trucks, logging trucks and road paving equipment trucks. Obviously, all of these large commercial vehicles carry the potential to cause catastrophic damages when involved in an accident. Far too often, if these commercial vehicles traveling West Virginia’s roadways are operated with any degree of negligence, they can cause serious injury or death. Unfortunately, due to the tremendous size and weight of commercial vehicles, the damage caused is usually suffered by the passenger cars they collide with.

If you have a family member or friend involved in such an accident involving a tractor-trailer, semi, coal truck, logging truck, delivery van or other commercial vehicle, you should seek consultation with an attorney experienced in trucking accidents. Accidents involving commercial trucks can often be far more complex than more typical car wrecks. For example, commercial drivers must abide by far more stringent operating standards than those operating passenger cars. Likewise, ownership of the vehicle, its trailer, and its payload often lead to separate companies who may bear some degree of negligence or fault in addition to the driver of the commercial truck.

The Olivio Law Firm, PLLC has extensive experience in commercial trucking accident cases. For more than a decade, the attorneys at the Olivio Law Firm, PLLC worked on the other side, for the trucking companies and their insurance companies. We have seen the trucking business from the inside. Due to that experience, the attorneys at the Olivio Law Firm, PLLC know the duties imposed on commercial drivers by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. We know to look for dual log books, false trip log entries, improper or incomplete pre-trip inspections, overloading beyond the gross vehicle weight limitations and other issues that result in unsafe commercial vehicles and drivers operating on West Virginia’s roadways.

At the Olivio Law Firm, PLLC, in Charleston, West Virginia, we have the necessary experience in commercial trucking accident cases to properly evaluate your claim, build your case and reach a successful outcome. If you have a family member or friend who was involved in a commercial trucking accident, contact the attorneys at the Olivio Law Firm, PLLC for an experienced opinion regarding your rights.

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