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Insurance Claims
Have you suffered an injury or damage to your property only to have the insurance company deny coverage or benefits? Have you paid your monthly insurance payments to the insurance company only to be told that your claim isn’t covered by the policy? You may be the victim of unfair insurance practices or what is commonly referred to as “insurance bad faith.”

Insurance law and regulations are a complex web of ever-changing rules that require insurance companies to play by the rules. If you have been denied coverage or benefits, it is important that you consult with an attorney who understands insurance law and insurance regulations. Insurance policies make promises and then often contain exclusions which attempt to limit or deny coverage for specific circumstances. The insurance company isn’t always correct in their denial of your claim and your rights may not be protected. The attorneys at the Olivio Law Firm, PLLC have the experience of working for the insurance companies for nearly twenty years and now use that experience to handle claims for you, the consumer, against those insurance companies. We will listen to your claim, analyze the relevant insurance policy and give you our evaluation of whether the insurance company has treated you in a fair and reasonable way.

Your insurance company may be guilty of acting in bad faith if it has a general business practice of engaging in the following activities:

  • Failing to respond to your phone calls, emails or letters,
  • Unreasonable delay in payment,
  • Forcing you to hire a lawyer in order to receive the insurance benefits you are entitled to,
  • Refusing to provide you with a valid reason for denying your claim,
  • Canceling, or threatening to cancel, your insurance policy unless you accept the company’s low-ball settlement offer,
  • Misrepresenting the terms of your insurance policy and the insurance coverage available to you,
  • Failing to promptly conduct a reasonable investigation into your claim,
  • Failing to provide an appropriate reason for unnecessary delay of your claim, and
  • Repeatedly asking for information that is irrelevant to your claim.

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