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Workers’ Compensation Discrimination
If you were hurt on the job or within the scope of your employment, you most likely already know that you are eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits from that injury. Many workers in West Virginia are discouraged from pursuing workers compensation benefits following a workplace injury. Still others feel intimidated or threatened by their employer if they file for workers’ compensation benefits. Occasionally, a worker may even be fired from his or her job if he or she files for workers’ compensation benefits.

West Virginia law prohibits any employer from discriminating in any manner against any present or former employee if that employee is receiving or attempts to receive workers compensation benefits.

At the Olivio Law Firm, PLLC in Charleston, West Virginia, we have extensive experience in workers’ compensation discrimination and retaliation cases. The attorneys at the Olivio Law Firm, PLLC will properly evaluate the facts of your case, analyze your claim and take the steps to build your case toward a successful outcome.

The workers’ compensation system was put in place to assist injured workers during their time of need. You should not be forced to go without compensation while you are off work due to a workplace injury, or fear for your job if you do file for workers’ compensation. The attorneys at the Olivio Law Firm, PLLC have the experience in litigating workers’ compensation retaliation cases which may prove critical to your claim. If you feel you are the victim workers’ compensation discrimination or retaliation, we have the experience to successfully handle your case through trial and appeal, if necessary.

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